Register a Corporate Team…Become a Sponsor

The CHEO Spiel is now in its 8th year and will be huge on March 3rd.   There will be a couple of hundred people attending this event so its a great chance to not only thank our participants but to extend them a chance to benefit as well.   We will advertise our Sponsors on this website shortly.

If you register a team and would like to become a Sponsor of our event these special one time only low, low rates will apply.  Please note…you need to register a team to qualify for them (team paid seperately).

Rink Sponsor

There are 9 curling rinks available for this Sponsorship Level.  Your company can purchase a rink and place signage on the end boards (signs at your expense) – for $50 a rink.   Again, there are only 9 available and are first come, first served.

Patch Sponsor

The Patch is the entire bar area, your company can place signage around it (at your expense) for $125.  There is only 1 spot available and it will sell fast.

Entertainment Sponsor

Your company can Sponsor our band and dj for the afternoon, includes live mentions, signage (at your expense)and your chance to make the 50/50 draw.  Their is only one of these spots available and the asking price is $125.

Title Sponsor

 ”Your Company Presents The 8th Annual CHEO Spiel”.  Plain and simple.  Get the Championship Sheet of Ice for signage all day, mentions from our DJ and a picture with the ‘Big Cheque’.   Only 1 spot available and ths sponsorship price is $250. 


All of the Sponsorship money will be donated directly to CHEO.  Thank you in advance, and please contact us with any questions.